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Linda Joy Adams: DAILY RECAP 6/8/17 MEDICARE MELTDOWN: CONGRESS ALLOWS THE MEDICARE HACKERS TO KEEP ON STEALING- FUNDING UNNEEDED BUILDINGS AS REAL NEED AREAS GO BROKE This is a linked series  of what is really gong on inside the contractors you and CMS have no verifiable access to;;WE PATIENTS WISH TO HELP !

                              TO US CONGRESSMAN DOUG COLLINS



                 WASHINGTON, DC 20515

                 PHONE : 202-225-9893

TO:           FAX:  202- 226-1224

 FROM: ____________________________




                 PROPERTY AND INTERNET

                          We, the people wish to help you help us and he nation.. You mention on your website your willingness to help  your constituents. Yet.  the unconstitutional gag order rule often denied you and your staff from access to the full truth  of the issues they may have with the government as THE CONTRACT HAVE NOT SHARED WHAT IS TOO OFTEN WRONG DOING.  and do not have to reveal it. UNDER THE COUP OF 2002 PASSED LONG BEFORE YOU GOT TO CONGRESS.

    Your bio shows you were serving in the military  for us when CONGRESS PASSED THE OVERTHROW  OF THE USA.. and most did not know the bill had been altered

      . And then unhappy people  make you unpopular and  the ones doing wrong to us have us divided so that they may continue  bad ways  and you get bad info to base laws on that do not work well for us and the nation and then everyone is more unhappy and worse is the silent AMERICAN HOLOCAUST GONG ON  that is becoming less silent..

   We can make America greater than every and for each and every one. but YOU CONGRESS HAVE TO UNLOCK THE GATE TO THE SWAMP FIRST

  And to do that you have to be able to have free constitutional speech as a member of Congress in Congress.. and get rid of that unconstitutional.  gag order not to mention, contact or have a contractor.  testify.   The privacy releases we sign with our members of Congress used to and should still allow you to access our personal government files, and data NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE. EVEN IF BURIED UNDER THE  DESK OF THE HEAD OF THIS CABAL NOW RUNNING THE USA.    Few know his name except the few at the top that revealed it to me  as I tried and still  cannot get 38 federal agency judges orders obeyed. and even Cabinet Secretaries had no authority  over them  and  much nationwide suffering loss of health. right to live and livelihood from it as shared over the years since 12/08 when I began this blog and we found out  that the inaction of the government  was not for political reasons to avoid scandal but the coup of 2002..

     Michael Horowitz of the US justice dept. told me in  it happened in the 6000 page e -governing budget  bill of 2002. but one altering it before it was voted on..  and for any oversight of audits or criminal   investigations  to be done of a contractor.. or be truthful and able to verify data or facts in when a member of Congress inquires for a constituent   HAS TO BE INCLUDED IN ANY BILL PASSED TO OVER COME THE LAW OF THE LAND FORBIDDEN  BY THIS  CRUCIAL ON- GOING  OVERSIGHT..  YEAR BY YEAR AND CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS AFTER ANOTHER THAT LEAVES THE LAW OF COUP OF 2002 INTAKE.

    You also sit on the Judiciary committees and that is where you may have some input as  even the current whistle blower laws do little good when the intake is done by the ones of the cabal being complained about...  IT MAKES A MOCKERY OF THE PROCESS . and many inside the cabal who work for them . are good people, . our neighbors and wish to be able to legally share info they have.. and legally would be able to help get blatant thievery stopped   ... if we had a real government  to accept it and do something with it to stop massive illegal behaviors.

      Attached is a copy of the liked article which mentions you today .. and also the DAILY  RECAP OF 5/2717 Letter to Congress. as well as a redacted copy of the 17 Medicare numbers active now paying multiples per claim and monies diverted in the illegal  offline system with no security and all who need access to the billing system is now getting a bogus screen that does not allow a conditional payment legally  be made electronically  and CMS, OFFICIALLY, HAVE NO IDEA  WHAT IS GOING ON  as shared over the years etc.  

         As the cabal contractors/sub contractors   steal what has been said to be a  BILLION DOLLARS A DAY  and created  over payments against the patients and  heirs as well as framing our good medical community  from having their bank accounts drained for the frame even if the monies were diverted before put in their account but showing received at the bank. and not returned   ..

     As a person  with chronic illnesses from a horrific job injury  as too many us have lost the earthly battle and most of us will eventually from  1/10/89 ( go to my Daily Recap of 9/11/16 for details of how internal corruption  at HHS -SSA GOT US IN THIS MELTDOWN TO WW III .) so issues did not start in the COUP of 2002 but made it far more worse.. and worse over the  last several years.

    Our own Congressional delegation has the unredacted

     We pray for your help for all of us.. Thanks for your service to the nation !

Linda Joy Adams . 6/8/17

Doyle Adams


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