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Linda Joy Adams: DAILY RECAP 6/16/17 MEDICARE MELTDOWN; HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT TRUMP MAY CONGRESS GIVE YOU THE KEY TO THE SWAMP FOR A PRESENT TO STOP THE MEDICARE HACKERS NOW IN CHARGE OF THE USA  This is a linked series of Daily Recaps back to 10/25/16 and the loss of the Medicare system to the MEDICARE HACKERS   from the unaccountable government  contractors in virtual control of the USA SINCE THE COUP OF 2002.




            WASHINGTON, D.C 20515

             PHONE; 202-225-3615

   TO;    FAX; 202-225-7822

FROM ; ______________________________________


           May we all not forget we are on TEAM USA. and you sit on a crucial committee and should have some input into what goes on in Congress. Congress must be allowed to have free speech as once hey did and get rid of the unconstitutional gag order rule to not mention , contact or have a contractors testify... as  that is the only way you are gong to be able to either help most constituents or know the facts and data to make good laws and fix  what has gone so wrong. that sounded good when passed. .

   AND THE PEOPLE  NEED TO KNOW THAT THERE HAS BEEN NO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE SINCE THE COUP OF 2002.  when the right of agencies to do internal audits or criminal investigations  of basic oversight  and enforcement  our laws was removed in the NON DOD AREA..  which  this cabal in control now is in them and  into the domestic programs and run by the same international cabal running the  rest of the USA. and massive thefts of the public monies and other skims and scams going on to shuffle data to get more contracts and our very lives and livelihoods are suffering and gone in too many cases  . This harms every one of us from local to federal and not just in health care

    WE THE PEOPLE WANT TO HELP  AND MUCH OF THE DATA IS INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE AND ENTITIES CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS THAT AN AGENCY WOULD BE ABLE TO ACCESS IN A ROUTINE AUDIT. BUT IS NOT PERMITTED TO DO SO .. SINCE 2002 .. The people and our elected representative lost virtual control of the USA back then and its only gotten worse over time.  And only few knew what had been done to all of us.  and the nation.

      Attached is a copy of the linked Daily Recap of 6/16/17 and the DAILY RECAP  OF 5/27/17  LETTER TO CONGRESS  as well as a redacted copy of the proof of the loss of the Medicare system with the 17 Medicare numbers being used to steal millions by stealing my id and claims and crating multiples out of one.  just my own records  and the employer  bi weekly post and Medicare judges  are hacked and defied by the contractor already and now here sub contractor   have said Medicare is not primary and go collect the money back and ignore all.   As hacking for one payment has been going on with illegal deals to dump with the primary  payers since  THE COUP OF 2002 BY THE CONTRACTOR   

    Congress did not know the truth in 2010 when they  expected that insecure would be able to pay the bills for the chronically ill who were the first to sign up.??   And had not been paying the bills here were to pay for years already .. And now over 50% upwards of 75% is reported in business magazines  that most of workers comp approved care is now paid for by MEDICARE..'

  All making one wonder if  single  payer and no fault health care should not be passed since its what we already have in the real world.   and the premiums for all that go to Medicare.    which is not going to change much  SINCE ITS NOT BEEN RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT SINCE THE COUP OF 2002 EITHER   That is the lie that the people do not understand. And the MEDIA DOES NOT BOTHER TO FIND OUT THE WHOLE TRUTH OF MATTERS EITHER.

        Our own congressional delegation has an unredacted copy of the 17 Medicare numbers being use on me now by the cabal which is not going to stop... until Congress allows the real government to do so ..  but MEMBERS OF CONGRESS RARELY CAN HELP THEIR CONSTITUENTS AS THE WORK AND DATA AND FILES ARE INSIDE THE CABAL OF CONTRACTORS. who have been allowed to impersonate they are the real government since the coup of 2002 and many do not even know they are not accountable government  employee  at all and forbidden to tell any one they are their companies and illegal secret deal partners , etc.  which is one huge interlocked cabal 'swamp' and the few at the top who do know say LYNN BLODGETT IS NOW IN CONTROL OF THE USA. FROM EVERY ANGLE AS WELL AS HE IS THE 'SNOOPER' AND NOT ACCOUNTABLE AS A REAL GOVERNMENT  EMPLOYER WOULD BE FOR USE OF OUR PERSONAL DATA AND FILES.   OVER AT NSA ETC.     

    Our prayers and good thoughts go with you and pray all sides will be listened to as its TEAM USA  that is the whole we all need to not forget. even if we have differing views on matter.

Linda Joy Adams 6/16/17

Doyle Adams



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