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Linda Joy Adams: DAILY RECAP 6/10/17; MEDICARE MELTDOWN: MEDICARE HACKERS ORDER COVER UP OF CRIMES FROM THEIR VICTIMS This is a link to a Daily Recap  that mentions you and a series back to 10/25/16 of what is really going on ..

                                    TO CONGRESSMAN BRADLEY BYRNE



                WASHINGTON, DC 20515

                 PHONE : 202-225-4931

 TO:         FAX : 202-225-0562



              You sit on some crucial committees to help stop he COUP of 2002. And to get rid of the unconstitutional gag order rule that is causing so many laws to get passed based on unverifiable data and facts.   Since you sit on many DEFENSE  committees which were never put under this COUP of 2002, you may not realize that in most of the rest of the government where  there has been no  internal  audits nor criminal investigations  allowed of a government  contractor  since the COUP of 2002 and we are in a shambles in much of our domestic programs  and massive suffering all over as the monies  are gone and stolen and to often scammed  by shuffling data that the cloud systems would be able to handle  with ease  and no one knows what is really going not even who does what in their own programs anymore..

       Attached is today ;s Daily Recap which mentions you as well as the Daily Recap of 5/27/17 LETTER TO CONGRESS and a redacted copy of the 17 Medicare numbers on me to prove HOW BAD IT IS. and I can believe the reports of a billion dollars a day being looted since 10/16 on this..   Our own congressional delegation has an unredacted copy with privacy releases they CANNOT HELP AS MOT CONSTITUENTS CANNOT NOW. AS THE ISSUES ARE WITH THE CONTRACTORS AND THE GAG ORDER RULES FORBIDS CONTACT, OR TO MENTION OR HAVE ONE TESTIFY AND ALL OVER EH GOVERNMENT ONE ENTITY SHOULD BE REPORTING TO YOU ALL THE TIME ..

      You would know how the wording is in the DEFENSE BILLS TO ALLOW EXISTING BUDGET TO BE USED FOR INTERNAL AUDITS AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS...  that do not exist in the rest of the government budget bills and laws since he COUP of 2002. Micheal Horowitz of the US Justice Department said it was gone in the 6000 page E governing budget bill as words and phrases got changed and few knew of it when they voted on it.   Even if  you do not all agree on how to spend our money , and in what way surely we cannot allow the blatant thefts and loss of rights to continue  as this is too often affecting rights of  life and livelihoods continuing for many 

      Agency heads have to be more honest  with you to know they really do not now what is going on l as they only know what hey are told by the cabal and if crimes going on they are not going to tell , will they ??

         Our prayers are with your and thanks for your service to us.. and pray the people and our representatives  can get on the same side for the good for one and all. 

Linda Joy Adams 6/10/17

Doyle Adams




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