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Daily Recap 7/22/13: Gift of Life : President Obama Born In Topeka ks.

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My precious friends on line who have shared prayyers and concerns have been a blessing in all of this and I thank all of you for your caring. I'll share on more later bt I got 'boxed' in to a situation with no pathway out when a miracle of provsion occurred. I give the almighty the full Glory for it. Someone else cleaned out ther 'Treasure room" and provided a gift of life to me and I aam on oxygen however one only knows how long it will last.,etc But the whole has been documented and blowen on a real death panel situaiton that millions of patients j may or are finding themselves in.Today I learned off another lcoal death over all of this an realized that my work on this planet is not over and must do what I can to encourage the medcial profesisonal groups to start fighting back for the rights of ther doctors to take care of their patients in the best way posoible whihch iscurrently not being permittedo in all of this. If you are asked to do a n exercise test with an ozimeter to get oxygen paid for., the exercise is ony a part of test. One has to then lie still and if one is like me and millions of others with this kind of lung injury, the s oxygen saturation level keeps on going down off of oxygen A healthy perosn woudl go back to a normal rate in the upeer 90's and probalby woudl never have gone down and heart woudl not be under duress at all. . The number needed is 88% and ones heart does take a beating.( It was lowered to this in the Clinton Admisnistration) and to get this ones doctor is put in a situaiton of facing a malpractice charge to get it. But the alternative is no medcial care ( oxygen) and ultimate death) since suppiers and the govt contractors are not folling the rules. laid out in 2005 that n0 longer requires this, but no one ssems to care about rules in any more. Most doctors are not doing the test correctly and most are not getitng the cardiac stress on any kind of ekg, mine was done on an echo stress so there is also a picture of the heart and what is occurring. My doctor ordered the oxygmeter put on my finger and blew the whieste off of the whole mess going one. When this is what is supposed to happen. No one even has the crucial cardio pulmonary stress test any more as hearts and ungs working in synch seem to be ignored in general and that where real harm takes place as ones will to live causes othe rinternal organs to 'take over and over work. casuig real failure of those eventually. Am on bed rest from the whole ordeal and heart is still sore but I belive I will survive this as what I've learned voer the last three weeks has been that doctors have had ther hands tied so badly that real death panels have been created and have learned of deaths recently from exactly what has occurred to me. My thanks to my heart doctor who blew the whistle on the whole garbage out there an got the needed test run and helped me understand that I have not breathed on my own since injured in 1/10/89 but my excellent heart going out of normal sinus rhtym into a possoble ly dangerous situation and using diaprghanm ( stomach breathing have been artificially respirating myself to even talk or exert at all. Oxygen helps keep the heart in normal rhythm becasue the lungs just don't function as they should. This blows the whistle all a real scam on going for years already where breathing tests may not not show hoa bad you really are if the heart has to be put in cardiac distress to take a deep breath and blow as I have always said angina is occurring to take those tests. No one ever said why it occurred except my rofginal doctor said no exertion on al my papers. and reports. I will be sharing more but rest is crucial Use your comon sense today in getting medidal treatments. Hearts and lungs have to work in synch and currently doctors are not being permitted to put an ekg and oximeter on the patient at the same time and have them exercise on even the most rudimentary machine to see if they are working in synch with each other. If they aren't real physcial harm can result or death. I learned that in normal sinmu ryhtom my heart can only aid in maintainng my ozygen levels in the 8o's percent saturation levels with out stain and real angina. which has been chroinc sincce 1/10/89 with any exertion. Oxygen theraphy helps. It has become so usual for me to ignore the angina when needing to talk and express some deep concern ,etc. that I had no idea what a dangerous situaiton I was potentially in. as another doctor mentioned to me in all of this. And adrenaline surge can cause this, but my life has been one 'situation' after another and no extra aderenaline seems needed as its more then norm. I had a legal opeionion offered that if one has a toxic and chemical exposure you are not going to find pumonary care in the state of Texas. as doctors are not being allowed to practice medicine and just today learned of a death that has occurred over this locally. Govtt gueidileines do not require this life threatening situaiton, but govt contractors who run things are in charge and follow no laws nor rules. Doctors and other medcial providers are being coerced and blackmailed in going along to get any kind of payment and where is justice in all of this? Gione into the sea of lawlessness this nation and world have sunk into with our vaery lives and livelhoods being lost in the mix. We cleaned out our junk room to share what little we had. Look around, a life may be saved by sharing what you have and no longer need. We are called to care for one another and what one has and does not need, may well be the 'gift of life.' I am writing this form the viewpoint of a patient. So medcially more needs to be researched but common siense has been lost that our Creator created a wonderful and amzing thing in the human body and its parts are to work together to help suustain life. And those who taken over th emedcial profession doesn;t seen to appreciate this at all. I;m behind 32,000 e mia and other messages, so give me time, as there is now a lot more paper work to do to spread the word to save others from what I and too many others have been put through and I'm not through all this yet getting a supplier, and on going medcial care. But the tests confrmed what has been well docuemted by man ywell known and ublished doctors h who have tested and treated me over the last almost 25 years Its even worse! Now how about wome justice for those already murdered in this intentional negligence and on going obstruction of life sustaining medical need. . ( spell check not working)

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Daily Recap 7/3/13: Desaturation Continues+ Computer problems: President Obama Born In Toepka ks

Flickr: Your Photostream Yesterday I could link the photos but unable to get into write anything. Wanted to let everyone know I am still on planet Earth but in terrible pain from the desaturation process which is not legally reuquried, but have been flatly told must do it to live. So one puts ones life at risk and may suffer permanent orrgan damamge in order to live. Thats what Cigna has becmee now as CGS and owned by the parent company of Trailblazers, South Carolina Blues. I am able to get aobut 1/2 liter of oxygen out of the tankI have and am looking on oline for another used one and no one repairs these any more.Once the main valve goes, that's it. But nothing. A new one is $2000. Must be a lot of people going through what has becme a real death panel in this nation. Our son, who has been getitng the tnaks fileld by the manufacturer and then we got 60% reimbursement from Fed Blues which has now ended with Medicare kiking in and they want Medicare to pay even though they aren't primray. ( HR 1063 $1000 a day fines would make Medicare fully solvent with all the fines already owed for all this illegal activity. Our sone was told about a 100 patients in our general area is being refused service and the problem is the suppliers have been coerced by the govt partners claims processors to not even send in the cliams. If one as a denied then one can file and appeal and provide medical records, etc. and the real guidelines will be followed that should have been followed in the first place for patients. In fact in our efforts to get the law enforced on conditoanl payments- recovery against owcp, even an appellate judge at Medicare upheld Iqualified for oxygen under medicare and the only issee was due to suspension of the law in 1994 by the Sec of HHS, the govt could not force collecting money back owed medicare by US Dept of labor, whicj has refused to process the cliams as they would be paid acoording to their manager at ACS-Xerox which controls most of the nations of the world's govts now, nor form Illinois Blues ( HCA) That apppelate decision M09-1406 plus discussiona and unpaid lobbying effforts led to the HR 1063 law being passed whch added penalites to the orginal 1981 law which was suspended and put the govt in the positon of not being able to get its money back when the primaries already approved for the care wouldn't pay ther bills. I've been told I was approved for life and would never have to go through this again. But a " NEW PHAROAH" is now in charge. All becausee the guidelines are not being followed that say if one has certain medial conditions one does not have to go through this. as life woudl be threatened to do so. I have called my doctor and have an appt and also am to go to the hospital with chest painds but to do that would do no good until desaturated as I would get a oouple of hours of oxygen and then be sent home without treatent available. Of course a doctor can't tell you to do this. I have an oxymeter and blood pressure kit at home and have gone through this twice since medicare got involved in 2000. but Medicare is not even the primary payer but due to the non implmenetation of HR 1063 yet, things are getting worse and not better. Also I am not home alone. so will cut this short as trying to not to exiert too much. The o2 level is graually decreasing. and I am on the 1/2 liter flow.( I'm approved for the liquid due to the ozone off the concentarators in even minute amounts inflames the lungs, etc and also been told by doctors that its better treatment for my condition in medical terms.) Often it is a those with toxic and chemical injuries that who are like me. One has a good heart; One is healty- then the lungs get damaged and in my cse the mucous membrane burened off the entire body plus doucented damamge occurred to the mitral valve in the matter of a coupel fo hours. Plus a ocuple of doctors say I have fine carbon in my lungs,etc. The point is medicare and even medicare preoscription drugs discrimininates against those with toxic and chemical injuriesand its gotten much worsre after 9/11/01 when the nation tripled the number of patients like me due to a felony alteration of officiel dcouments by the Sec of EPA who has never benn investigated nor prosecutied as the head of the agency can say not to. by ( as Patrick Mcfarland blew the whistle in a congressional hearing last week )(Osama did the first dirty deed and then our own corrupted top heads did even more dirty deeds) Accountability ges stopped as there is no money permitted to do the investigation. That includes travel money to even go to the court house and ask a judge for a search warrant, etc. So they will take the report of a crime and ones documents, but there will be no investigation done, nor any prosecution as the 'head' says, no money allowed beyond your salary. And you wit for aometing to be done and it never will to vover up te crimes . All they can do is take in the info and their salaries are paid for what? To do nothing to stop the crimes that are well documened.? and are stealing the taxpayers money and lives being lost and harmed by abuse felonies? And the thieves are running amok and 'persuading ' head of agencies to allow it to happen and continue and it has for over a decade. I had to go to the hospital for routine lab work that had already been scheduled by a dcotor on a regular basis and found out because ACS-Xerox's Lynn Blodgett CEO of had had their people lie and say no owcp case their prior claim never got sent in last year. NOR DID I get a bill, either. Apparently they assumed I was a non paying patient. They knew nothing about Fed Blues even though I gave them my card? Somehow what happens at registration never gest to the mega billing servics hired. as they only go by the fraudulently altered common working file from Emblems health which owns the medicare comptuter. The manager was 'suprised?' to see Workers comp on the screen and no Blues. asBlues had been deleted about 7:05 Am Tues by Emblem Health international formerly Group Health. by Blues request and the Workers comp is locked in securely and no one can get it off there from the posting from US dept of labor which no one is to be altering and its a violation of their govt contracts to do so and should be fined the $1000 a day under HR 1063 for doing so. Remember I wrote about how Thomas Dodd head of contrct ocmpliance for US dept of Labor will NOT enforce the contract, He says it all right to steal the Medicare trust fund as its theft. to do this. In my wrtten deiciosn to not enforce the contract. This was just before the prior Sec of Labor resigned abruptly. I reminded them of HR 1063 and I had no oxgen sene I'd left home and in a lot of chest pains as there is not enough pressure in the tank to fill the hand carried one. They intended to 'handle me?" it appeaed and didn't have me sign the paper forms at all and expected me to just sign my name on the screen and the had put medciare as primary on the paper forms which was in the compter already and I was to cimmit fraud and OK it. THEY GOT MADE AT ME WHEN I added the statement not liable for bills not filed and appealed and wrote in the words Medicaire HR 1063 case, + Workers comp clams number and date of injury since almost all injured patients medicare never show the correct date on patients as they show the date of entitlement to Medicare Part A which is ususally 30 months after date of injury or more as in my case as I tried to work and salary was higher and the appeal has never been answered for an earlier date on my medicare either as ACS now in control at SSA. and most claims never get coded for recovery. And its not cost effective to enforce the laws? They got mad at me for writing all this on the screen over my signature. Don't they understand that I could be arrested for medicare fraud? As one who has conducted medicare fraud investigations and even signed the orders to forward to US attorneys against insurance companies for exactly what they are pulling now, calling in and having the records altered so they don't have to pay first, even though the govt contract say no one is allowed to alter the records. Plus the blackmailing coercion so claims don't even get filed by lies they are forced to accept or else? THIS IS WHAT HR 1063 ends with the govt coming down with full weight of the law. If the primaries don't pay its to be coded a conditional pay and paid by medicare and neither patient nor medical provider has any libality as a reocvery letter is sent out by a subsidiary of Emblems Health ( OCNFLICT OF INTERRST- BIG ONE) and since 1981 the govt does the collection if the money is not sent back by the primary. There is over a trillion dollars owed back since 1994 ( according to inside witnesses)when Sec of HHS Shahall stopped enforcing the law and let the insurance industr collapse the health care in thi nation in a step by step process. and now the govt contractors which are often the same entities. Most awful-- along with the deaths as claims get altered by the companies to circumvent the primary payer and that causes a fraudulent medical history data national base. This is what is used for your treatement sspecially in an ER and many have died aocording to a congresisonal study 7 years ago. All they have to do is put it uner HIPPAA so these fruadulent alterations and even typos and errors can get corrected by ones doctor. Don Berwick MD was not wanted by the Pro life controllers to be confirmed as director of Medicare so he could only stay temporaily and he wanted to to get that under them and all gvt contractroctors uder Hippaa. I am completely Pro life, including mine. and have almsot lost it twice over the frudualent mess on my national record whch pateint's not allowed to have a copy of either to even check it., but was told what was on it. NO ONE USE IT PLEASE! Deaths, physical harm and horrible injustices going on and the crooks don't want to stop these! why? They might go to jail? Doesn't one who commits a felony and causes one to die get some kind of murder charge in most instances?And Assault for physcial harm in others? Why hasn't this been taken care of already? Looks like this wculd be a qick voice vote law passed by congress, but its got to be enforced and so far my civil rights complaints keep getting 'disappeared' at the Dallas HHS Civil rights office and never allowed to be read nor ansered by Ralph Rouse Mgr ordered me in writing after calling and threateningly to me on the phone for filing the first one in 1/08. Washington told him I ddi have the right to file, but never told him it had to be read and answered. I fioed because the US Justice dept and the general counsel for Medicare had said that was one way to get inside and do an audit. NOT IN DALLAS REGION!!! Must close and hopeully can get back to the investigation of three murdrs 52 years ago in Topeka ks that left the President of the USA with no Dad to raise. him if that had been the choice of his parents/ Something is scatching on, as England is looking into another old racial cold case too and discussed in Parliament. I do believe these current injustices are occouring in this world because the prior ones were allowed to be 'ignored." Even if a crime is never solved, the recognition needs to exist that it did happen and it was legally and morally wrong. Did the murderers of the past go ahead and gain power and authority and cause so much horrible injustices to occur as they were not stopped or the example of the govt not caring about injustice not be a true reflection of what the people want. Yes we , the people, have to demand justice as the real terrorism is to live in a nation where our govt doesn't care about horrible things done to the citizens. WE ARE THE GOVT AND WE DO HAVE TO CARE and that means recognizing theft and murder for what it is and not going along with it at all. FEAR only allows it to continue. The law and the Almighty for those of faith is always on the side of Justice for all. We are to care baout each other even if we don't always like each other. Linda Joy Adams 7/3/13 spell check is not working and eye sight not the best tonight, just don't feel like sitting up to do this. Thankss for your prayers and good thoughts prayerfully won't be much longer. to go on down to that magical 88%. Done it before twice since 2000 and before that have done it. So why it has to be done over and over? Laws and regulations not being followed! Its a cyclical process and its getting closer.