Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Survey Suggests Census Undercounted New York City -

Survey Suggests Census Undercounted New York City - The contractor in charge of the 210 US Census got a bi feeral award for his ' good job' Mac Curtis is the President and CEO of Vangent, which operates 1-800 medicare and violated the terms of that contract by not sending over 500 fraud reprots his call scneter empllyees have documented to turn into HHS CMS office of Instpector general on Trailblazors ( $4 million theft of my claims and id by that CMS contractor alon, oand they said I'm not the only one.) Medciare is not broke its been robbed, just as the people of NYC will be robbed of their share of tax dollars based on number of residents. This company also grades most of those standardized tests so much value iscplaced on to learn how well kids are doing in school.

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