Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The prior blog is a reference to LionLamb ministries and an article by Nathan Jones. I do not know which interpretation is the correct one for all Biblical texts. Someday , we will learn from Christ who is the Truth. I greatly respect those who spend the time to pray and study the scriptures and present to us the hope that comes from our belief in Christ. Many are trying to say all religions are OK. There are many laudable and moral codes in this world, but only one way to eternal life and that is through our creator, the Trinity of the father, Yahuah, the Son, Yahusha, and the Holy Spirit. There is one Creator, just as there is only one prime destroyer and we have the free will to choose one over the other. No brain-er, to me. I choose Life in Christ over death the other guy wants for all of creation since he has no Almighty power to create anything but evil and destruction. Linda Joy Adams aka alexisdaughter

Gog @Magog War of the end times

Just read the extensive article from Lion-Lamb Ministries web site. An excellent analysis, a new concept comes that Christ appears and everyone believes. as He ends the war of Gog and Magog. Will everyone believe if the 'church' has been raptured? Is it possible that some believe but most still do not. There seems to be two appearances of Christ, at the end times. One is in the air and we go with Him and later after the Tribulation we return for the thousand years of peace. Christ then resides on earth and probably in an end time Temple. My thought-The anti-Christ takes credit for the miraculous ending of the war of Gog and Magog. The world is deluded. Those who know better or come to realize it must suffer thru the tribulation time and welcome Christ at His final return. That seems more probable. Satan takes credit for the miracle and fools all those who are 'left behind.' After all, there are still those around who are deluded into not believing in the resurrection at Christ's first coming two thousand years ago. Satan is so jealous of the Creator. He wants to be applauded as the peace maker and he is able to sign the seven year peace treaty in a deluded world. And things seem fine for forty -two months then Satan shows his true colors or is it possible within forty -two months many have figured out that Christ performed the miracle that ended the war and not the anti-christ who then must take full control of those who remain. This is based on the premise of a pre-seven year rapture. We will not know until it occurs. Through our prayers and worship we must not be fooled into following the 'bad guy.' that seems to look like the 'good guy.' Linda Joy Adams aka alexisdaughter