Monday, November 17, 2008


Congratulations to the great-great grandson of Czar nicholas II and Alexandria on being elected President of the United States of America. May Christ protect you as you take your place as a world leader. May you not be tempted to falter in your professed desire to make this a better planet for us all to live in peace on. Our prayers go with you as you will be tempted beyond what most others would ever face. In a free society, most sins are legal. We try to limit what is harmful to minors, but upon a "magical" age, full freedom appears to exist. Freedom comes with consequences. Sin is wrong. Not because an almighty creator says so; but, because it causes harm to our person, universe and especially our eternal soul. Let alone the sorrow and pain it brings to others. Freedom cames with the full responsibility of citizenship in ones country and our global family. When the Romanov family descendants began to rise in leadership in this country, bodies suddenly started to get "found" in Russia. What is Russian leadership afraid of. We are all Americans. No one is trying to become President of Russia. We now have a President elect as well as a Governnor who almost became Vice-President. And one former President in the family tree. Russia began to flourish as a democracy. They are facing their problems, too. I was raised by Rev. Tracy Hardy aka alexis Romanov. The orginal family lived incognito as the hardy family in Haxtun Colorado. They never told who they were, but we children would often walk in on converstions that even abruptly and only sparked a chil's curiosity. One I walked in on Anastasia and Olga joking about the time they shaved their heads and immediately , silence and we knew not to ask questions. At times, in as a child, my Dad mentioned his childhood dog Joy and that it was a black and white spaniel. Our neighbors had a brown one and I had never seen one that colr. He seemed very sad. He would rarely let his picture be taken. Birth dates were switched around. He married Florence (Hunt) cousin to the oilmen and second cousin of Pope John Paul II. She was also the grand daughter of Catherine demeddici- Hunt who was to have married Joseph Hapsburg in the 1800's but ran off with a troup of dancers and musicians who were introducing square dancing to Europe. She married Russell Hunt, son of Dan Hunt, better known as "Old Dan Tucker" of "Turkey in the Straw" fame. She went by the name Julia and they were married in the Methodist church in Fort Anne, New York. The tour was cut short as they had to flee Europe. My 'mom' told how the family was not doing too well when she married into it. They did not know how to raise a garden, didn't know about raising Tomatoes to get citrus, and she taught Alexandria how to bake a pie. When those of 'High" birth come to America, they have to 'work' just like the rest of us. Alexandria died in 1928 and Czar Nicholas II in 1933. Both are buried in Haxtun, Colorado/ Among the hundreds of descendants are various eye witness stories, pictures and documents. Look to the future postings for pictures--I am new at this and learning how to post pictures, etc. The family has had great influence in this country as Americans. Look for continuations. Please pray for our new President-elect as he proceeds to 'change' our world for the better in a real global and national mess. We can do this/ We always have in this country. How did they get here? On ship with President Woodrow Wilson is the family story according to my cousin who showed me the photo of the ship they were on . Muritania? It was a British ship, used as a usa hospital ship during wwI.